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This service is conducted on faith basis. We do not accept
any claims on practical application.

The first magic square you have to apply is the square
of the sum 15. You can easily copy it from this page, paste it in your
computer and take a print out in black color.
Do not use any other
colors than black. You can alter the size of the square as per your
interest and need. Cut this according to the size, stick it on a thicker
card and now your magic square is ready for usage.

Now, you find a calm place to
meditate upon this magic square. Sit silently and have a deep look
into the square. Have a deep breath three times. Please do not move
your eyes from the square for just five minutes. Make yourself sure
that you can reproduce this magic square from your memory. This is
enough and now you can keep this card in your shirt pocket or inside
book you like very much. You can keep this in your desk top as a
background. Otherwise place it in your office desk. This will give you
peace of mind. You will gain mind power. Do
not forget to look and meditate the magic square daily at the same
time. If you choose early morning it is better. No ritual, no prayer, no
surrender, nothing. Just see and meditate. Close your eyes and try to
bring the magic square in your mind. This practice purifies your heart
and removes your mind blocks. This energizes your mind, body and
spirit complex with enormous power.

You can observe a dramatic
change with in 9 days. You can meditate the magic square without
seeing it but visualizing it in mind at any time, whenever you are free.
Welcome to the wonderful world of magic squares.
You can
achieve whatever you wish with the help of these
squares which
are the mathematical derivations of order n numbers
arranged in
squares. A magic square of order n2 is an
arrangement of n numbers
in a square, in such a way that the n numbers in all
rows, all columns
and diagonals sum to the same constant. See a
basic model.....
Read the following questions, and say YES or NO:

1. Do you feel depressed?
2. Do you think no one is for you?
3. Do you often incur lose in business?
4. Do you fight with your life partner?
5. Do you think your married life is failure?
6. Do you struggle to complete your education?
7. Do you have frequent digestive disorders?
8. Do you struggle with insufficient income?
9. Have you been cheated by any body?
10. Do you have fear of death?
11. Have you lost a good relationship?
12. Do you have diabetes?
13. Do you suffer with skin allergies?
14. Do you have asthma?
15. Do you have low or high blood pressure?
16. Are you jobless?
17. Do you suffer with anxiety?
18. Do fight often with your colleagues?
19. Do you suffer with no peace of mind?
20. Do you feel difficult to face the challenges of life?

If you say YES to any one of the above questions
I could confirm
that you are stuck somewhere.
Definitely you need some EMPOWERMENT
in your life system.
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